The US Disaster … and Disgrace

Over in Australia, I’m offered a very interesting view of life in the US. The coverage of Katrina’s disasterous plough through Louisiana was nothing but startling, and appalling. The report started out with Bush’s smug face, saying that he knew what people were going through (as he sat in his air conditioned room, dressed in suit and tie), and that they have so many boats and helicopters ready to help, but people have to realize it takes time to get those boats and helicopters down there. What? Why weren’t these relief efforts being positioned days before this category 5 storm was heading directly for the path. And how is it that even 3 days after the storm, people still didn’t have food and water at all shelters? And the sickest part of all, a story of Aussies who were hiding in a church scared for their lives, not because of mother nature, but the monsters that arose from the victims that raped and murdered a 7-year-old child in that very church. Gunshots and gangs kept the Aussies put hidden, and racism drove many other victims away in search of survival from crime and murder–not cholera or typhoid. Why is it that that the richest nation in the world harbours such disgusting humanity within its own borders and exports our heros to protect other countries from their monsters? And despite this humongous bill for restoration and aid that will pour into the stricken region, we will be pouring good money into the waste of warfare abroad, and still fight silly cultural differences in our own country. I hope everyone who voted for Bush can see what type of government has been instilled in our country, and that they feel it was a good decision.

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