Train to Hamburg, Germany

So Judith and I got up early in the morning to catch a train to Hamburg. The train was nice, and the views were really cool to see such country landscapes. Anyhow we arrived in Hamburg and met Judith’s friend from school named Frauke. We arranged to stay at her place for the first night. We put all our stuff down in her Ikea furnished apartment, and went out to see some Hamburg sights. Hamburg is one of the biggest ports in Europe, and we took a ferry around the port area, and I saw an APL container! It was cool, and the scene of Hamburg from the ferry was very nice. After that we returned back to the city and went to a restaurant for some dinner.

This restaurant had a very American feel, with steaks, baked potatoes and such. However, I got a salad with my meal that was completely soaked in oil. So much so that I couldn’t eat more than half of it. After about 30 minutes after dinner, my stomach was hurting soo much that I had to run to a McDonald’s to where I ran into a babushka trying to make me pay to use the toilet, and make me also wait for the floor to dry in this dire time of need. Anyhow, all was solved, and we headed out to the Planten und Blomen water light show. It was nice, and the evening was called to a close.

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