Trip to Hallstatt

This morning, Daniela and I took a drive out to the countryside again, but this time to a village called Hallstatt, situated between the mountains. The weather was again so perfect, and the scenery, of course gorgeous. The green grass, the flowers in all the windowsills of the houses built from wood, and little roads curving throughout the hills really will always be my memories of Austria. This village was so cool though, and it had a cemetery that is quite unique. The people who had died, signed up to be placed in this ossuary… so you’re buried, and they wait until only bones are left. They then take the bones and place them in this room, decorating your skull with your name, date of death and flowers or crosses.


On the way home from here, we stopped off at these other villages along the way, and one place we stopped particularly for its dessert. This dessert is a famous dessert for Austria and is only made at this one place. It was quite expensive for a little tiny piece, but it was the most interesting dessert I have ever had, and for those of you who know me, you know I have tried SEVERAL desserts in my day.. =)

So, back to the dorm we went and had spaghetti for dinner. It will be a little sad to move on because I have really enjoyed the people I have met here! But, such is the life of a globetrotter*

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