Update on Apartment


Here is an updated picture of what my view is on my ‘balcony/sundeck’. I absolutely love the place and my flatmates are great! I’m sleeping soundly–being right in the middle of the city practically and it’s still peaceful– I love it! I’m going to find a gym soon, but have already been to the public pool for some laps, and found it quite convenient. I’m also getting used to the train system, with only a few mistakes on pricing for tickets. Other than that, I’ve completely settled into my new life in Sydney, and I must say, things couldn’t be better. I love it here so far, and everyone I’ve met have been so nice and kind, and I think I will be finding many opportunities here.

PS> That’s the Harbour Bridge and the little chunk of white is the first swoop of the Sydney Opera House :)

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  1. ??????!I am a friend of Kano, and she told me about this site. I will come back later again to read your stories!

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