Wandering around the Colosseo

This morning I boarded the Eurostar anticipating paying an extra charge because it is an express train nonstop to Rome. Well, good thing I never filled out my Eurail pass for today either, because no one came by to check my ticket. So, now I have traveled from Venice to Rome for free! So, perhaps my plans may change after I leave Italy..

After I check into my hotel.. yes, hotel, because everything is FULL in Rome at the moment, I went out and headed for the Colosseo. While I was walking around the Colosseo, I saw a car accident. It was really sad because the girl was really upset and it bounced her car all the way onto the sidewalk.. good thing I was not there at that moment. Anyhow, it was lucky for her because the accident was caused by some official looking people.. possibly even police. So, I am sure everything was taken care of. Since I am meeting Matt tomorrow, I decided to just walk around the Colosseum and not go in or stay for a while. Plus my allergies were acting up again so after lunch I headed back to the hotel for a little relaxation. Oh, and PS, when I was making my reservation for the hotel, he asked my last name, and I said, TROTTER, and he said, ah like GLOBETROTTER. I laughed and thought about trying to explain my website, but decided it was not worth the effort. Ha. ROME.

So this afternoon I spent walking around the city to try to understand the city layout. I made it to several places including the Vatican and the President’s Palace. It was a tiring day mainly because I wasn’t feeling the best either. I had to go to the Pharmacie to get some allergy pills because my nose will NOT stop running. I don’t know what’s in the air that is making me react like this. Anyhow, when I was at the Quirinale, I saw Jason Sharp, a guy that went to school with me. It was pretty random, as all my meetings seem to be. Anyhow, they are flying back from Rome back to Tennessee next week sometime. Just another fluke meeting! Off to dinner!


Tonight I spent walking around the city seeing what sights were lit up nicely. Of course the Colosseo is really cool at night. The night is really nice. It did drizzle a little bit, so I headed back to the station after I took some cool pictures. Low and behold, guess who I run into–but the guys from Huntington California who stayed in my dorm room in Florence with me. Funny how random these meetings are. So I spoke with them for a while, and then headed of to get some food and back to the hotel to watch tv and eat. Nice quiet evening.

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