Weekend in SoCal

This weekend, I headed down to visit my friend Cade to hang out and talk about some graphic design stuff. Friday night, Cade, Erik and I all went to Hollywood for some fun dancing, then drove back to Huntington Beach. I really love SoCal, and the music was great yet again at Ultra Suede. Saturday, we woke up late, and Erik had to go to work, so Cade and I got the food ready for our big barbecue that evening with his friends. Turns out that we are really all connected, and I had met some of the friends during my previous stay in LA last year. Very fun, amazing food –cheers to the chef, Cade, and great company. After most everyone was done, soaking in the hot tub was quite nice. Sunday, Cade and I drove down to San Diego to take a look around. Of course the weather was amazing, and the scenery was really pretty. San Diego is really growing, and it seems like a great place to be. That evening, I flew back to San Francisco to get ready for work the next day.

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