Whitsunday Photos Available!

Now, I’ve uploaded all the photos to my server so, enjoy looking at the fun times! For all the friends that I made, any requests for higher res photos for print are welcome. Thanks to all of you who made my trip so much fun! Click here and go to Whitsundays under Australia.

One thought on “Whitsunday Photos Available!”

  1. Hey Ben

    After quite a long flight I finally arrived safe in fricken cold good old Germany, and now that I unpacked all my stuff and got used to every day life again I had a look at your web site with all the wonderful pictures you made during your trip to the Whitsundays… they are so beautiful, really, it’s amazing.

    It would be great if you might send me the pictures in higher resolution as well, so I can add some of them to my personal collection. (If you don’t want to send them the electronic way, like via e-mail, maybe it would be cheaper to send them to Mathias and he brings them to Germany in February… I think we should discuss this via e-mail :)

    Take care and have a great time in Sydney

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