ZENJIRO!!! and My Appearance in a Japanese CM for 地球の歩き方。

Ok, this post probably won’t mean anything to my non-Japanese friends, but anyhow, it’s pretty funny.

So, I come back to my hostel in the clock tower, and there are 3 new people in my room. Turns out they’re Japanese, because low and behold, and a 地球歩き方 book is laying there on the bed..

So, last night they came in while I was sleeping, and turned on the light and were like, oh sorry sorry sorry. I said in Japanese, oh I’m ok.. daijyoubu! From that point on we only spoke in Japanese.

Turns out that these 3 are sponsored by Chikyuuarukikata to take this tour and make jokes about things you need to be careful about while traveling abroad. Zenjiro is the only name I got, and he’s a comedian in Japan… the other two are quite famous as well, but I don’t know their names. So anyhow, they were making this video for chikyuu and guess who will be in one of the commercials…yours truly, Benjaminhl. I come into a “dorm” room while Zenjiro is sleeping, and I take his suitcase and walk out with it. Then I take it to the stairs go through it throwing out non-valuable items, take out his wallet, find the money, and then throw the wallet down and leave. How funny is that?! Just another fun story of my GUUZEN life!!

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