All around Kuala Lumpur


We spent touring the different sights around KL all today. The financial district and religious areas were really interesting to see. The architecture of the buildings were really interesting and had been designed to reflect the religion of the area. This was a much bigger city than I thought, but it was fairly easy and cheap to get around. The best place we went was definitely to see the Twin Towers. Unfortunately the top is not open to the public for viewing, but just standing next to the monstrous structure was reward enough. On the inside bottom floors were great restaurants, and out back was a nice park. It was so hot, that getting in the water was a great relief! That night we saw a traditional Malaysian show at a restaurant. On our way home, we stopped in front of Hard Rock Café Kuala Lumpur for a picture.

Even though we stayed in KL just for 2 days, it was enough to see the major landmarks around the city. Plus, after this big trip, we were really excited to just go to Langkawi for a nice relaxing few days on the beaches.

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