Close Calls!

Whew! So today, I got a call in the morning from my landlord saying they were coming into change a light fixture I had asked to be changed. However, when I asked it to be changed, I was told by the nice super that he would let the electrician in. Well, the landlord (mean) said he was going to be the one to let him in. So panic set in as I tried to devise a plan on what to do with Naisho. (If you don’t know who Naisho is, search for his mention in my blog by using the search tool up there.) Since I couldn’t get in touch with Andrew and Matthias had an exam, I was left with thinking that I would have to leave work to come home and find a place to put him. As I went down to the garden, I let him out and he disappeared, so I thought, whew, great. Then, the super came down and said that the landlord checks the garden to make sure everything is ok, so I shouldn’t have him down there. Of course, I couldn’t control when Naisho would hop out of the bushes and dart across the garden. So, I was at a loss. What was I going to do?? It was almost time for the landlord to arrive, and then Mike called.

Mike said, ‘You won’t believe how close I just came to not being able to go to Australia.’ Well, the Passport agency sent his passport to his parents, and not him, and his parents don’t know his departure date, so they went to the post office and sent it certified mail. Which takes 7-10 days from Canada. As soon as he heard the message from his mom, he called the post office, and spoke to the person who did the certified mail, and through supervisor through supervisor, got them to change it from certified to over night. Also, they close at 5, so it was like 10 minutes to closing when he called them. Fortunately, he was able to pursuade them to send it overnight and it’s done now. But just think, had he just waited til tomorrow, he wouldn’t have gotten it in time!

Back to Naisho, after speaking with Mike, I asked him what to do, and he remembered that Naisho liked sitting in the refrigerator, so he suggested that. As crazy as it sounds, when the landlord knocked, I snatched Naisho up and threw him in the fridge. All his goodies were in the shower behind the shower curtain (food, water, litter, etc). So, about 3/4 the way through the lighting exchange, I heard a crash. Naisho and pushed open the fridge and came out. I ran to the fridge to put him back in, but he’d had enough, and started to meow. So I started coughing and turned on the sink and threw dishes in there to clank around while he was meowing. (Don’t worry, before you call the human society on me, my refrigerator is practically used for storage, and it’s barely even cold–I only have a brita water filter in there, and chocolate.) Finally, I heard them finish, and he left, and I let Naisho out. All was good, and now he’s sitting in the window, warm in the sun watching the birds :)

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  1. 7.0 is AWESOME!!!!
    well done, and as impressive as ever…just back from 8 days on a cruise…i know, lucky me…but honestly, your site is AMAZING!!!
    hoping you are well! greg

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