Main Hoon Na

Tonight, Mathias, Andrew, Yoshi and I all went to the Castro Theater for the South East Asian Film Festival for India’s Production of Main Hoon Na. At first, we were about 10 minutes late, and I felt like I had walked into the wrong movie. Everyone was laughing at things that made completely no sense to me, so I started getting frustrated thinking that I’ve missed some crutial part. So, I was about ready to leave, because the movie was 3 hours long. Mathias wanted to stay, so I was heading out when I needed my ticket, and when I went back in, the movie had changed from a military-type bad acting ridicule of the Matrix, to the colorful, fun style of indian dancing and singing that I was looking for. So, I ended up staying with Mathias, and boy am I glad that I did. I enjoyed the movie so much! The whole thing really re-sparked my interest in India again as I had as a child with learning about my friends who were Gujarati. I don’t know what it is about other cultures, but I simply become mesmorized in learning about them. Now, I’m looking to find out where the local Indian Cultural Center is!

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