Day in a Napa Spa

Today, I went up to the Napa Valley for a day at a spa, all with a mud bath, blanket wrap, massage, and swim in natural spring water. After the drive to Napa, we had lunch in Calistoga, where the spa was located. After a great lunch, we headed in for our treatments.. The mud was fascinating! You seap down into this bath full of peatmoss and mud and it’s really hot, but it was such a great feeling because you’re completely suspended, yet engulfed by this warm sensation. It was so nice. We then went to a tub of mineral water to soak before our blanket wrap. After resting there, we headed for our hour massage! It was a great massage that I actually fell asleep during it! After the massage, we headed for the pool filled with spring water along with the hot tub. It was such a relaxing great day!

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