Day in Monterey


Today, I headed down on the train to meet my buddy Chad for a drive down to Capitola, then on to Monterey. I figured it’s about time for me to take more opportunities to see the coastline, and Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. We drove down on 101 to Capitola, listening to the soundtrack of the OC. It was at the moment that the theme song, Califonrnia came on, that I felt like I was starring in the drama driving along the coast with the windows down looking out over the Pacific Ocean as we winded our way to the little beach town. This tiny little town was like something from a magazine–situated on the coast, colorful little shops, quaint restaurants, and an air of relaxation drifted in the air. We had lunch overlooking the ocean, then walked around the town. After that we headed on down the coast to Monterey.

In Monterey, we ventured around the shops and walkways leading to the aquarium. We, well, my nose and I, made our b-line straight for the Ghiradeli shoppe overlooking the beach for an ice cream cone. After hanging out in Monterey for a while, we headed back up the coast back to the city. That’s what I love about California. You have so many day trips that you can go to with such different terrain and scenery!


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