Dinner with an Irish Kiwi

Tonight I went around to find a nice restaurant to eat. I was surprised to find such a nice place so close to the hostel, which was good because it looked like the rain wouldn’t let up. So, in I go, and order Butterfly Pasta with Four Cheeses, and a mixed salad. I had a nice evening, just watching the people and listening to the live music of the typical Italian melodies. After I was ready to pay, the waiter sat down a woman at my table.. I was getting the idea that I was not wanted anymore there, so I said, sorry, I guess I am being made to go. She said, oh you can stay if you want. So, I said well sure, I have a few questions then. So I asked what were the “must-dos” of Florence, and I got some good insight on to what to skip and what to see. Angela, was from New Zealand, but was working in Ireland and comes down to a different country every month for a week. She was fun to talk to, but if you can imagine what this accent sounded like, it was definitely a challenge to tone my ear to the words. Anyhow, I sat while she had dinner and we had a nice conversation. I then headed for a Gelato (Italian Ice Cream) and for those of you who know me, you know ice cream is not the most important thing in my life–doesn’t even hit the scale that Milka* is on. Anyhow, since I have been in Europe, I have fallen in love with the ice cream. It is SOOO GOOD. I have never had anything like it in the states, so I am making a point to get as much as possible while I can…

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