First Day of School!

So today, I had lunch with my flatmates and bought some notebooks for my classes. I went to uni a little bit earlier so I could apply for my work permit, pick up my mail, and do a couple of other things around campus. I also picked up a form for a photography contest that I plan on entering. I then met up with David and Andreas, two guys from orientation and had some dinner at the cafeteria. I then headed to my class in the Carlslaw building, and it was a lecture room with stadium seating. I headed for closer to the top, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t 100% Chinese. The orientations were really almost 90% Chinese, so I thought classes might be as well, but there was an excellent mix. For instance, my group that is already set up consists of me, 1 Thai girl, 1 German guy, and 1 Australian guy. The teacher is French, and has lived/worked in Europe, the US, Singapore, and now in Australia. The lecture was pretty interesting, and I’m quite excited as everything we were talking about, I saw active participation from people and their comments showed that they have work experience. It’s amazing how different uni can be when there’s a few years more of maturity, work experience, and the desire to participate.

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