Great week with Rebecca, and Goodbye USA!

This week, my best friend Rebecca came for her visit to Tennessee. We got really tan by sitting by my uncle’s pool and playing in the sun. We went to Knoxville to visit some friends and went to both Sun Down in the City in Knox, and Night Fall in Chattanooga. She was really impressed with all the sights and really enjoyed her time here. I did too! Today, I will leave with Rebecca for San Francisco, and move on to my new home–SYDNEY AUSTRALIA! I won’t have an update for a few days I suppose, but, please feel free to e-mail me anytime, as I’d love to hear from you. The next post will be from Sydney!

One thought on “Great week with Rebecca, and Goodbye USA!”

  1. Ben:
    Enjoyed seeing you and meeting Rebecca. I know you are excited and Diane and I wish you the very best in your new venture.

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