Worst day ever

This morning, my plan was to go visit the Museum of gold in downtown Bogotá. My plan was foiled however when I spent the entire night getting up to the bathroom. By morning, I felt so weak and could not fathom the idea of taking a taxi two hours without a bathroom to downtown Bogotá. So I tried to rest more before our plane left at 2:45 PM.

At around noon, our taxi ride to take us to the airport. I was feeling very nauseous and could not eat much, so I was extremely weak trying to carry all my baggage to check in. After we checked in I felt even weaker and got nervous that I was not going to get any better anytime soon, so while we waited we called for the infirmary.

Finally after about 20 minutes, two guys appeared and started taking my blood pressure and asking questions about my past few days with my stomach trouble. They said that I was too dehydrated to get on the plane and that they needed to take me down to the infirmary and an ambulance to get rehydrated before I could even think about getting on a plane. This of course meant that we would miss our flight to Medellin.

When they brought me to the ambulance, I couldn’t believe what a horrible experience this was turning out to be. I’ve never had food poisoning or a bacteria this badly before. Once down in the infirmary I felt extremely weak and I was thankful that we waited on the people to come. They hooked me up to an IV, and let me lie there to rest for the next two hours. Andres went to see what we could do with our flights.

Andres then returned after and said that our flight had actually been delayed for two hours. I couldn’t believe the luck in our flight being delayed so we could still make the flight that evening.

After one bag of saline rehydration, I started to feel better. A doctor came in and she asked a lot of questions about what I had eaten and what exactly I was feeling. She then had said that my blood pressure was extremely low when the paramedics got to me. Luckily after being rehydrated my blood pressure had returned to normal and everything was fine.

I was then discharged wondering how much I would have to pay for an ambulance ride along with simple Celine solution to rehydrate myself, and the beauty of universal healthcare is that everything was paid for. They discharged me with a prescription for a couple of medications, and then we made our way to the gate for our flight to Medellín.

Once we boarded the flight we sat on the tarmac for another 20 to 30 minutes it seems due to congestion. I just point I was so anxious to get home to the apartment that I had rented on air Bnb. Once we landed just an hour later we taxi to the gate and sat for another 20 to 30 minutes waiting on a date to be prepared. We then waited at baggage claim to get our backpacks. After getting our backpacks we met with Andres’s aunt and we went to her car.

She was a lively Columbian woman with a great charisma. I was completely exhausted at this time, and I was so wanting to interact with her more because she seems so fun. On our way home we stopped to get food for me to bring back home to eat–a chicken soup. Finally after an extremely long and trying day we made our way to the apartment I have rented on air BNb.

The apartment is fantastic. It has a little kitchen a little living area and a bed in a studio form. The view is incredible. I’m on the 11th floor at the top of the building and overlook the entire city. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day after a good nights rest.


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  1. moms don’t like to see photos of sons on a hospital gurney getting an infusion! Thank goodness for FaceTime!!! Glad you are feeling better, son!

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