Kittens vs. Panthers

I’m ready for a kitten finally. After several years of really thinking about it, and wondering, oh should I, or should I not, I’ve decided that life’s too short to go without having something you want. So, when I return from Mexico in May, I will go to the adopt a center near work, and get myself a perfect kitten.

Last night Sam came over for the Apprentice Night at Andrew’s. Unfortunately for Andrew, he has a little satan in cat’s clothing. While trying to pet/play with Scout, both Sam and I got mamed. I always joke with Andrew that Scout needs to be put down.

I’m going to get a book on how to make sure my cat is playful and kind. Don’t you just have to manhandle it from day one?

3 thoughts on “Kittens vs. Panthers”

  1. Yeah, a cat!!!! I am doing the same when I get to Memphis! Maybe before if Andrew takes the german shepard home over the summer. Good plan!

  2. You just have to love it! Even my grandmother’s evil cat turned out to be adorable once he got used to us. Just love. It’s really all any of us need. :-)

  3. If you need any tips on how to care for it or anything, Ben, just let me know because I used to be a pre-vet major back in the day. Now I work for Congress – go figure. :)

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