25 on the 25th


So, today, I celebrated turning 25. I decided to have a fun evening at a famous restaurant with 18 of my friends here. So, we met up at 7:30, everyone was there, and we started the dinner. The food was great, it’s an asian fusion type place. The shows were hilarious. I had a permanent smile on my face the entire night. I couldn’t believe how I really looked at all the nice friends I’ve made since moving here. I got so many nice cards and gifts, that I really did not expect. Our dinner tab was a whopping $1100. After the dinner, and having fun with the show and waitresses, we went downstairs to the club. Everyone was mingling, and dancing, and drinking, and it was just a nice time. about 11 o’clock, the dance floor was emptied, and we all wanted to leave, so we decided to go to the Castro to dance some more.


Once we got to the Castro, I was already so tired that I was ready to go home! We danced and mingled for an hour or so, and then Andrew and I went to go get some breakfast. Unfortunately, we didn’t think before we went in, that the restaurant was a cash only establishment, and we had a $14 tab. So, we put down our last cash = $12, and ran out, and had to WALK the entire way home. It was hilarious.

So all in all, I rang in my 25th year with quite a social bang, and have had the best birthday ever.

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  1. Happy Birthday Ben! I swear I remembered you… I just was lazy and pre-occupied, so forgive me for my lateness! Hope it was fab!

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