This Morning I headed out for Tokyo station to be the Shinkansen for Kyoto.I left without beakfast as I wants I eat on the train. Mama and papa walked me out to the station to bid me a safe trip.

Tokyo at rush hour hasn’t changed. People were Cranmer in the cars like sardines. One guy was pressed up against the window so tightly he was able to sleep because he didn’t have to stand.

Once at Tokyo station I looked for some food and got a tea muffin and orange juice. The scenery from the train is amazing. Mountaintops still have snow and the land is covered with pink.

Finally fujisan had the full view with its majestic presence, snowcapped and peaceful. It’s really incredible to see and pictures are unable I capture its grace and significance. Todays weather was heavy winds in Tokyo-so strong train delays happened. Luckily this meant great views for the Shinkansen as it was a cloudless sky full of sun.

All this peace and relaxation of course is easily ruined when a family boards with loud-mouthed kids and are allowed to shrilly scream and talk throughout the entire trip. Japan now has specific cars for smokers. They even have specific cars for women only for safe travel at night. When will there be a child only car that allows the rest of the passengers to not have to suffer too? I’ll write japan railways with my grand idea. Scratch that, I’ll write not only railways but airlines, public transportation services as well as restaurants. :)

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  1. I can see that you’re using a handheld device with predictive word-guessing for typing these. Cranmer! Tee hee.

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