New Toshiba TV!

Today, Andrew, Steve and I went down to South Bay for some electronics shopping. At first, I thought we were only going to Fry’s (which I didn’t know where one actually was in SF) so when we got into the car and I asked where the Fry’s was, we were surprised to find out it was down in South Bay. But, what the heck, it was a beautiful clear day, and nothing else to do on a Sunday. Plus, I wanted to look at tv’s, and help Steve with his electronic purchases.

So we headed down to South Bay, found Fry’s, which was a building that looked like an old Mayan Ruin. It was so cool–the inside was done up like Indian Jones type facades, and a huge selection of all sorts of electronics. It was so fun!

After looking at the TV’s, I found a Philips one that I liked–27″, CRT screen, and $299. I figured this would suffice, but it turns out, they didn’t have one. I also wondered if the 27″ would be too big. So, we bought some stuff, and I left without the TV.

We then went to BestBuy, and I saw a beautiful 24″ Toshiba, Flat screen for $329. I figured I’d pay the extra money for something that I was excited about–and once we got to the register, it turns out my TV was $296–on sale! What a great day!

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