Prop 8 Protests

Since we voted in November, unfortunately a vote that won in California was Proposition 8 which fights to ban the gay marriages that have been happening in California for months now. It’s amazing to me in this time of economic downturn and national strife in war, that so many resources, energy and finances (especially from churches–ahem, separation of church and state, please?) are wasted on fighting against loving couples wanting to have the same rights as others who are partnered for life. If there’s any fight at all, it should be to outlaw divorce. If marriage is so sacred, then how is it so easy to cancel it, even after a child is brought into it? Why not focus on your own families and not worry about what ‘thy neighbor’ is doing to raise their families. How terrible to have a child who is wholeheartedly loved because of what struggle a same-sex couple had to go through to actually get rights to have one? And what a tragedy to teach a child of acceptance and tolerance at such a young age. Actually, I can think of a lot worse things. What’s even more amazing to me about this whole silly debate, is the demographics of the voters against it. Incredible that a majority of minorities think it’s valid to take rights away from other minorities. The national protests all started simultaneously, so I participated and showed support at San Francisco’s rally at City Hall. It was peaceful, loving, and it was incredible to see the support from people of all races, gay or straight, boy and girl. It was really cool. How can you try to ban that?

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