MILK, the Movie

I remember driving around the city seeing filming, and hearing about the movie. I didn’t know who he was, what he did, or what the story was about. But, I was invited to join the opening night in the beautiful Castro theatre, one of the most amazing theaters I’ve ever seen. It’s got a huge auditorium with a full balcony, and a pipe organ that raises up out of the floor. Before the show, there’s an old man who’s playing the pipe organ as everyone sits.

The movie was incredible. I think sometimes it’s even better when you go in knowing nothing, because it’s even more inspiring/touching when you learn about so much so quickly. The thought of the struggle that went on for the Gay Movement just 30 years ago, and the unbelievable realization from Nov 4 that the struggle is still alive, made me happy to be living in such a progressive place like San Francisco. It’s still amazing to me with all the problems in the world, that this receives even a second of attention denying rights. I’m awed at Harvey’s bravery during the 70’s when it was still legal to raid bars and arrest men for simply being in there drinking. The old footage of these arrests, the shame that everyone held from societal persecution, was just so overwhelming to see.

Not knowing the story, the ending of Harvey’s life was absolutely shocking. From the previews, I had assumed it was an assasination during one of his speeches. Seeing how people are able to escape legalities is disturbing, but it’s a problem that we will always face. If the president can declare an illegal war, and there’s no punishment for the detriment of the country he’s put us in, how can we believe that people who are tied up in politics/legal environments will always do the right thing? It’s a scary thought, and this movie only highlights one groups struggle. When will everyone wake up, live and let live?

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