The Rudest Person

Get this. Three of my friends and I are eating dinner in the Little Italy district in North Beach, at a great place called Panta Rei. As I’m eating, the slowest eater, the other plates were taken off the table, and I would assume dessert would be offered as soon as I’m finished. As I continue eating the last few portions of my Risoto with Lobster, a 28-30 year old woman approaches our table.

We all looked up as she started her message with saying, “I know this may be rude, but. . .” I was so curious as to what would follow.

“but… we’ve been waiting for a while to be seated, and would you guys mind finishing up so we can sit?”

As I take the fork out of my mouth and swallow the FOOD, we all looked at one another, and I said, “Are you kidding me? Who put you up to this?”

“No one did”.

“You can’t possibly be that rude to think that was ok to ask, can you? Where are you from?!”

“I’m from Sacramento, and FYI, city people are ruder!”

“I’m from Tennessee, and I’m a sweetie, so don’t pin anything like that on me.”

Then one of the guys we were eating with said something to the effect of, “Leave. We don’t want you here cause you’re rude.”

“Well you’re rude too, @#%%##%@.”

So, after this amazing witness to the social decline of courtesy, we decided to continue our dinner, onto a free dessert for my birthday. At least it ended on a sweet note :)

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