Where are you from?

Today was such a beautiful day in San Francisco. The air was crisp, the sun was warm, so I set out for a nice long walk. Winding through Nob Hill, on into Chinatown, ending up in North Beach and Little Italy, I found something I’ve been looking for since I moved here. A great deli that prepares sandwiches how EVER you like them, with freshly imported meats from Italy! After grabbing a sandwich (Turkey Italian Bologna and cheese). I then started back up through Pacific Heights up to a point on Taylor and Broadway where there’s 3 benches, on a tiered area overlooking the entire downtown financial district, all across the bay with Oakland and Berkeley almost visible. As I sat there eating lunch, I thought about the direction of my life and started thinking of my time in Australia. The first question you’re asked is, where are you from–and I noticed I had some trouble of which I would say first–Oh, I’m from Tennessee – or – I’m from San Francisco, well, actually from Tennessee, but I live in San Francisco now. Now in hindsight, I wonder what is more an appropriate answer. I mean, I really think I’m from Tennessee, and even though I don’t see myself living there ever again, I feel the childhood happenings and family shaped the way I think about things now. Which then lead me to my second thought on the matter, my valedictory speech in High School. The title of my speech was, Citizen of the World. I spoke about how we start from families, move to being part of an elementary school, then junior high, then high school, but then maybe move to another state for college, and continue to become citizens of much bigger groups. I, however, added an international flair from my experience abroad, and after visiting 25 countries, I feel each place and people have added to my personality and thought process, that I feel even moreso like my answer should be Tennessee-for that is the root of my being :) Just thought I’d write down this thought as I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading it again someday.

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